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JYOTSNA PRAKASH on Digital Piano, PRAKASH KANDASAMY on Tabla, Cajon & Percussions, and PANGASAASANII GOWRISAN on the Violin, are products of the Temple of Fine Arts and have been performing together for the last 30 years. As performers and composers, they have won multiple Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in Malaysia as well as performed in Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, The US, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, London, South Korea and Taiwan – together, as well as in their individual capacities. The Tyffin Box YouTube channel serves as a platform for them to present covers from Indian film songs – mainly Tamil and Hindi numbers, Malaysian productions, as well as original fusion compositions. Their music is flavoured by a mix of Indian and Western elements, which is offered in their own inimitable style.

Anaamika (Song)

Original Composition by Tyffin Box

Song Name: Anaamika

Composer: Jyotsna Nithyanandan Prakash

Naming a song can be much like writing a headline for the news. There are times when a catchy title does not jump at you straight from the song’s hook, and sometimes the name can be the only thing standing between the songwriter and the new release!

With a writer’s block, and without a name in hand, Jyotsna Prakash showcased the piece at the Delhi International Arts Festival 2012, along with Prakash Kandasamy, Pangasaasanii Gowrisan, and other musician friends – Kalpana Paranjothy on the Sitar, Hisharudy Mahmud on Rebana and Percussions, and Jazlan Norman on the Bass Guitar.

The composition, set to Reethigowlai Raaga, was very well received and when the audience heard of the lack of a name, one member took to the mic and suggested Anaamika, which literally means “no name”.

Jyotsna has composed for many a TFA (Temple of Fine Arts International) productions, such as Tryam, Swaradhara, Mahsuri, Butterfly Lovers, Ankur: Under The Kayon Tree, and more.  The mother of two has her name to 11 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards to date, for Inside Out, Swaradhara and the Ankur Series.

In 2011, Jotsna Nithyananthan was commissioned to compose for the MPO Forum for Malaysian Composers/Reel Composers. She also commissioned a new work for the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and presented one of her works (Out of the Box) with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Chamber Orchestra.


Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Tyffin Box

Video Editing  Tyffin Box

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