Saint TFC & Anjali

Rapper Saint TFC’s latest single I’ll Not Forget is making waves for its hard-hitting message about discrimination towards Indian people in Malaysia.

Saint TFC, whose real name is Samson Thomas, drew inspiration for the song from his own experiences of racism and colourism, including how he was called “gelap (dark)” for the first time at the age of five and the negative psychological consequences that followed.

The hip-hop track also includes an impassioned verse about racial slurs like “pendatang (immigrant)” and “pariah” that have sadly become normalised and are often used against the Indian community.

Thomas, 33, told Malay Mail that the Black Lives Matter movement was the catalyst for I’ll Not Forget as it moved him to reflect on the mistreatment of dark-skinned minorities not just in the United States but in Malaysia as well.

Title : Pulambughiren

Vocal By : Anjali ft Saint TFC

Music By : Shane Xtreme & Anjali

Lyrics : Maney Vilanz & Saint TFC

Live Instrument : Manonmani (Sarangi) Chennai, Tamilnadu

Mixing & Mastering : Boy Radge

Cast : Anjali and Saint TFC

DOP : Eugene Chan

Art Department : Pixel WPH & Team

Makeup & Hair : Krishan Bahadur

Official Caterers: Good Food Direct2u

Line Producer : Renuka Balasubramaniam & Kavinas Rajah

Concept : Renuka Balasubramaniam

Executive Producer : Anjali

Director & Editor : Harinthiran Manoharan

Produced By : Anjali

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