Reening lau

Music remained a steady passion, and Lau found himself joining open-mic events such as Feedback Open Mic. He also began frequenting the Merdekarya bar in Petaling Jaya, which also had open-mic sessions featuring the likes of Brian Gomez, Kirsten Long and Sid Murshid, among others. This chain of events found the former architect networking among other musicians and collaborators, eventually leading him to kickstarting what would eventually become the album Was It Enough.

“I wrote Was It Enough, None to Spare and Notice Me but that was all during an experimental phase in 2016,” says Lau, about his early days of songwriting. The soul/blues guitarist would later continue doing his Master of Architecture in the United Kingdom when he suddenly came to a certain realisation. “Halfway through my Masters, I realised that this was not something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I decided to pursue music instead.”

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