Nadir - Senja

- Nadir

“They say that sometimes it is in your lowest point in life, or your nadir, that you find clarity and strength to rise again from what once was, and manifest a greater tomorrow. Thus, in 2015, Nadir’s journey as a band began. Like its Malay translation (rare), the band strives to make music that is rare and unique, combining different life experiences and emotions together with explosive crowd-chanting energy on stage, manifested in the colourful plethora of sounds and languages from various cultures in Malaysia and around the world. This 8 piece band operates as a family with fluid lineup of regular featured musicians playing a wide variety of instruments such as Sitar, Violin, Gambus, Bagpipes, Erhu, Yangqin and many more. In 2017, Nadir went on tour in Cambodia and performed to 10000+ people at The Cambodian Water Festival in Phnom Penh and collaborated with Cambodian superstar Laura Mam, with a single due for release internationally in 2019.”

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