For those who don’t know Jumero introduce yourselves?
Jumero are a trio consisting of two brothers (Jared and Michael) and a very close childhood friend
(Ryan) who can be considered as a brother too.
If you had to liken your sound to another musician/band who would it be?
We’ve been compared to bands such as Hanson, Los Lonely Boys, Jack Johnson and Jason Miraz. But
we all feel that we haven’t quite found a band that we really sound like yet, which could be because
we just haven’t heard of them yet. Ultimately though, we’re kind of glad, because we prefer to
sound as original as possible.
Who inspires you musically?
There are so many great inspirations to us out there. Two in particular that stand out to us though,
would be Ed Sheeran and John Butler. Both of them started out by busking on the streets and
worked towards getting their music heard the hard way, and John Butler still busks from time to
time even though he has gained musical success. To name a few others would be John Mayer, Jack
Johnson, Jason Miraz and Jamiroquai

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