Jeryl Lee

Jeryl Lee Pei Ling – When an angelic voice resounded in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium at the grand finals of the Sing! China competition last year, it became apparent to the audience that they were witnessing the making of a new rising star. Born in Penang, Pei Ling has been impressing her listeners since she was ten with her spiritual aura. Soon after at twelve, still clad in her school uniform she was already facing off other Asia’s best singers at a singing duel contest in Taiwan. The young singer then outshone dozens of contestants from 23 countries and championed the Water Cube Cup Overseas Chinese Youths Singing Competition 2014 in Beijing. Later in the year the little girl showed to the world that she has a great heart and revealed proudly at a reality TV programme, China Dream Show, that she was an adopted child, just as her unforgettable rendition of Taiwanese superstar A-Mei’s “Yong Gan” (Courage) on stage that evening. In 2015, Lee was invited to perform at CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, which was probably the most watched TV programmed around the world. Pei Ling is also a Malaysian record laureate being the youngest singer in the country to win an international youth singing contest for Chinese songs. Mentored by a Mandapop singer, Na Ying, Jeryl stepped onto the prominent testing ground of Chinese song singers, Sing! China in 2016. Though her forte lies in easy-listening love ballads, it was her passionate version of ‘Fight Song’ that truly cemented her footing throughout the competition. Today, Pei Ling continues her regular appearance on and off stage in local and global singing shows, events and competitions, winning countless hearts with her adorable charm and indomitable fighting spirit.

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