Born amidst a Pandemic!

MyPentas was born during the Covid-19 era to provide fresh hope to the local performing arts industry. Unfortunately, the artists were heavily impacted on their incomes due to the restricted movement control order.

How to provide opportunities for interaction between artists and audiences in a new normal of a hygiene-first, socially distant and restricted movement environment?

How to provide a monetized platform for artists in an environment where performances have gone digital?



Meet Our Solution

A centralized platform for local arts consumption. The content creator platform of the local arts to showcase the breadth & depth of the Malaysian performing arts scene to the world!

An online platform with free-to-view and pay-per-view models to access VOD content focuses on four performing arts pillars (Music, Comedy, Dance and Theatre).

We assist the performer’s income by providing them with a virtual stage to showcase their talents and hard work.


Let’s be a part of something great!

Join the first-of-its-kind platform in Malaysia & be a part of our growth!

Whether you’re a local artists looking to shift your performances to the digital world or an avid investor looking to be a part of a exciting startup journey, here’s why MyPentas would be a good choice:


Targeted Audience

The content creator platform in Malaysia is an untapped market with huge potential to grow content streaming of the performing arts with the population’s utilization of OTT platforms in this digital age.

Income Potential

With the right funding/partnership from the local government and brands, the platform has the potential to reach nationwide and globally.
With this potential, artists and sponsors/partners can be introduced to new markets in and out of Malaysia. In addition, they will benefit from international market access via the platform.




Let’s Get In Touch

We’re looking forward to you hear from you regarding any collaboration or partnership inquiries.