Yuna is a Malaysian singer-songwriter who has gained international recognition for her unique blend of pop, R&B, and folk music. Born in Kedah, Malaysia in 1986, Yuna began her music career by uploading her songs to Myspace, where she gained a large following and caught the attention of independent record labels.

In 2010, Yuna released her debut album, “Decorate,” which was critically acclaimed and helped establish her as a rising star in the Malaysian music scene. She followed up with her second album, “Nocturnal,” which was released in 2013 and featured collaborations with well-known artists such as Usher and Pharrell Williams.

Over the course of her career, Yuna has released several successful albums and singles, and has won numerous awards for her music. Her music is characterized by her soulful vocals, introspective lyrics, and eclectic mix of musical genres.

In addition to her music, Yuna is also known for her fashion sense and has been recognized as a fashion icon in Malaysia and beyond. She has collaborated with various fashion brands and has been featured in fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and Nylon.

Yuna’s influence extends beyond music and fashion. She has been recognized for her philanthropy and social activism, and has been involved in various charitable initiatives, including serving as an ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme and founding her own charity, the Jalan-Jalan Initiative, which aims to provide education and support for underprivileged children in Malaysia.

Overall, Yuna is a talented and versatile artist who has made significant contributions to the cultural and social landscape of Malaysia and beyond. Her unique blend of music, fashion, and social activism has earned her a dedicated following and international recognition, and her continued success is a testament to her creativity and dedication to her craft.